Yes, this is not a problem, as these treatments are different and as each one has different desired effects they can be used in combination. However, if you want to evaluate the results of a given supplement range, we recommend following a single course of treatment, combing the correspondingexternal application (cosmetic) products with the nutricosmetic.
In the first case, if you take just two pearls, there is no need for concern. However, if you have taken more than two, you should ask your doctor for advice. The same applies if you feel unwell after taking the pearls.
If you do not take your daily dose, there is no need to worry, continue with your normal dose the following day.
Nutritional supplements are not medicine; however, if you are following medical treatment with prescribed drugs, we recommend consulting your doctor before taking these food supplements.
We recommend taking our pearls for a period of three months, as the effect of the essential oils in nutricosmetics form is based on the ingestion of small doses in a continued fashion.
Our pearls have been designed to enhance specific cosmetic treatment. They may be taken on their own, just like our cosmetic products, which can be applied without the pearls, however when both are used together, treatment efficacy increases dramatically.
In this case we recommend seeking your doctor's advice before taking our supplements.